Saint Petersburg

5 Bolshaya Konyushennaya street

+7 (906) 245-40-75
DAILY, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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your own photographic characters

of different historical periods of St. Petersburg


съемка в исторических костюмах

Do you believe in past lives? Then, do you believe that you lived in one of the most unique and even mystical cities?

Let’s check it out...

Choose a scene and costumes of the appropriate period. Costumes are put on the regular clothes just in a minute. We put on music so you feel the atmosphere of the epoch. Take your time. Feel the character, the vibes. You can’t miss the feelings getting to the surface. Don’t hold them down, free them, as our photographers will capture all the right frames.

The photoshoot is great for couples and small groups of friends

ретро фотоWe will edit and show a set of your best photos.

You can choose the frames which best reflect the true nature of your character in the appropriate historical period.

One of the brightest memories of Saint Petersburg and unique photos.

Do you fancy the characters of a commissar’s wife and a marine during the revolution in Petrograd?

Or do you like freedom-loving Stilyagi (“style hunters”) of Leningrad?

And, perhaps, your heart longs for the role of a palace maid of honor, or a military officer in Saint Petersburg of 18th century?


You choose the photos you like the most,

we print then, mat them and...

the unique memo is ready.

Scenery which give a sense of reality


We are in the center of the city

A 10 minute walk from the Hermitage
A 3 minute walk from the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

A wide range
of costumes

Full authenticity of the costumes and accessory

A 20 minute engaging photoshoot

The costume is put on in a minute Two photographers at work

We have our secrets to create marvelous photos

Music of the Time

It will create the right atmosphere as you choose your costume.

ретро фото

Historic Costumes

You will find the right things that will suit you: dresses, coats, formal clothing, jackets, etc.

ретро фото

Authentic Elements and Accessory

Choose the minor detail close to your heart: gloves, jewelry, necklaces, swords, fans, umbrellas, etc.

ретро фото

Two Photographers

You enjoy yourself while we work not to miss any valuable frame and to capture every nuance of your mood.

ретро фото

What You Get

After the photoshoot is done, we choose, edit, style and prepare the best photos for you. As you choose whichever you like, you will get:

Framed photos

Digital photos & postcards

How to Find Us

Write down our address and just include it in your event plans.

For your convenience, we work
DAILY, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Saint Petersburg, 5 Bolshaya Konyushennaya street (ring the bell)

+7 (906) 245-40-75

съемка в исторических костюмах

Do I have to book the visit?

It is not obligatory, but is recommended as the studio is small while there are a lot of visitors. Moreover, the booking and booking cancelation are free. If you don’t manage to come, just warn us a couple hours in advance.


+7 (906) 245-40-75

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