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your own photographic characters

of different historical periods of St. Petersburg


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Price List

Entering our studio, you emerge yourself in the events of 5 historic scenes. Each of them provides you with an opportunity to turn into a character which is close to you by mood and spirit.

Our team will help you to get in the right mindset and to feel to the bone the chosen scene and character. If you don’t want to stick to one character in one scene, you can get a bundle for 3 scenes or for 5 scenes.

You can also choose a scene whichever you like the most. You will have time for this and to look around, listen to your feelings and look through photographic examples.

Each bundle contains a postcard with your photo that you can immediately send to your friends.


Postcard & digital photo, 1 scene

RUB 850

1 Scene Bundle

  • Postcard with your photo
  • Digital photo, 1 scene
  • 1 framed matted photo

RUB 1,200

3 Scenes Bundle

  • Postcard with your photo
  • 3 digital photos, any scene
  • 1 framed matted photo, any of the 3 scenes

RUB 2,500

5 Scenes Bundle

  • Postcard with your photo
  • 5 digital photos, any scene
  • 1 framed matted photos, any scenes

RUB 4,000


framed photos

About digital photos
& postcards


Additional photographs and services:

Extra QR code — RUB 150

Additional printed photo with a preliminary edit, matted, framed — RUB 600

P.S. Bring your friends, show us your photo from the studio and get a discount of 20%

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